Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Road Trip- Where Are Those Swallows, Anyway?

 Blog #2 of my visit to Mission San Juan Capistrano. I came looking for birds.

We've all heard about how the swallows return to the Mission every March 19th, on St. Joseph's Day, then they all leave on Oct. 23rd. I had missed the big event by almost 2 months. Maybe next year!

As I mentioned yesterday, parts of the Mission are still used today. There is a parish that meets in a modern church that's located on the Mission grounds, but there is also an old chapel next to the ruins that is still used.
It was a peaceful place to spend a few minutes.


  1. I think I would run into the problem of spending more then a few minutes in such a peaceful looking place. There is something about those rooms that are quite entrancing.
    Your husbands a bishop see what he can do about making LDS chapels a bit more beautiful. (hehe).