Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Road Trip- Hoist The Mainsail!

Bruce has lived his dream. How many people can say that? He piloted his own ship. On the ocean. By himself. You may not know that he has an obsession with sailing. He reads every word of Yachting Magazine. It probably comes from his time in Tahiti. He would love to live near the ocean and sail a boat every day.

We took an evening sail out of the harbor near Seaport Village with the nicest Vietnamese man (whose name I can't pronounce.) It was a sunset cruise, and we were out for about 3 hours. The skipper was totally great with teaching Bruce the basics of sailing- steering with the rudder, filling the sails with wind and adjusting the jib.
 Bruce was concerned with the other water traffic in the harbor. Especially this impressive tour ship that looked like it was going to swamp us:
But, apparently there are traffic lanes and rights-of-way, even on the water. We didn't have a motor, so we pretty much had priority over everyone else.

There was lots to look at out there on the water:

Seaport Village
 Why are there always seals resting on these markers?
 The Manchester Grand. Always impressive.
 Oh! And the Fish Market, where we ate the other night!
 I love the light at sunset.
I even took a turn at the helm, and as long as I had a solid land target to steer towards, I did ok.
After a few happy hours we made our way back to our hotel, which was looking pretty funky at night:
And Bruce drew a chart of all of the sailing things he had learned out on the water. For future reference.

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  1. I'm glad he's got that all charted out....for future reference. :)