Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Road Trip- Balboa Park

Another place I wanted to take pictures was Balboa Park. It's buildings have the most amazing architecture!
 I like them so much that I want to make black and white prints of some of some of the building's details and hang them in my bathroom. Very Moorish, don't ya think?
The Botanical Building is basically amazing.
The Speckles Organ Pavilion. Built in 1915. I'm pretty sure the organists that play here play the foot pedals. (That eliminates me right off!) :)
I'm throwing in this shot of a bird who was taking a bath in the Pavilion fountain. I like the flying water drops.
While I was there I went to an exhibit of furniture made during the Arts and Crafts Movement. Have I mentioned how much I love everything about the Arts and Crafts Movement? Well, that's a subject for another day!


  1. I love the buildings there. They are almost as intersting as the exhibits

  2. I love Balboa Park!!I agree that the Botanical Building is amazing. I could have spent all day in there.