Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And Now We Get A Well-Earned Rest.

 We've been horse showing like mad around here lately! We usually don't have shows 2 weeks in a row, but that's what the schedule had going on this year. We are bushed! But now we have a whole month off to recharge and rest those weary muscles. Last week we were back at the indoor arena in South Jordan again. Picture taking is a challenge there. I don't use a flash because it scares some of the horses, plus I hate that blown-out look, so I switch to manual camera settings and do the best I can. A bit grainy, but better than a big old shiny flash. Rocko was not Fangor at this show, thank heavens, and Shannon and he had two superb days and one tired day. I got some great pictures of their form, too bad it was inside.


  1. You guys have been busy busy busy. pool parties, birthdays, horse shows. Slow Down, it's summer ya know. :)