Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still The Best Dog

 My sister brought wonderful Ollie along for our girl's weekend. He's a year older, a bit bigger, just as smart, a bit more sneaky and still the best dog. He only threw up once.

This is his "anxious to please, or maybe climb onto your lap" face.
We would walk down to the river and throw sticks for him to fetch. It's good for a dog to have a purpose in life.
He only stole from the garbage once.

There was one moment of panic when he almost ate a baby sparrow. He is a bird dog, after all. But the crisis was averted and the baby bird was whisked off to safety in a dustpan.
Ollie only snuck up onto the couch twice during movie time.

This picture captures Ollie's joy in life:
Too bad that my BIL will have to completely retrain him to rid him of all the bad habits he's picked up from us during the last few days! Such a good dog!


  1. He is a good boy.....for a dog.

  2. Oh Boy!!! Haha looks like he had a great time!

  3. He's good company when your little girl is in the big city and can't make it for the get away.