Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Mom

This is my mom.
A few things that I'm grateful to my mom for include:
- She dragged 4 kids to church on her own. It would have been so easy for her to just not go. If she hadn't kept going, I would not be doing the things I'm doing or have the precious family that I have today.
- She made me keep taking piano lessons. Thanks to that, I always had a place to belong in school and I will always have a place to serve in church.
- She gave me the chance to cook while I was growing up. My mom is a great cook and I've learned to love cooking too.
- She taught me the basics of sewing. I've been able to make some fun crafty things and make clothes for my kids when they were small and money was tight.
- My mom is very intelligent- valedictorian of her high school class. She expected us to learn!
That's just a few things I'm grateful to her for. It was fun to spend time with her at the cabin. We don't see her so much now that she's moved to Twin Falls.
 She read poetry to us at the cabin. She started with "In Flander's Field" and we countered with "Over in the Meadow, in the Sand and the Sun..."
I have one awesome mom.


  1. This was a sweet post. I need a copy of the pics!

  2. We do have an awesome if she'd only figure out how to get to our blogs so she can read it.