Friday, July 29, 2011

Intrepid Explorers

Yes, that's what my sisters and I are. Intrepid explorers. We make our way into the wild frontier, blazing our own trail and exploring new lands.
Well, kinda like that.

We did wander off up the river to a pretty spot by the river where we took yet more pictures. It's hard not to take lots of pictures in such a beautiful place. (Ok, those of you who know what some of my picture-taking mantras are. Let's say it together. "You've got to take a lot of pictures to get a few really great pictures.")
Look at how pro my sister is!
There were so many wildflowers blooming that we must have looked tipsy, the way we were swerving over there, then over here to a particularly pretty bloom.
I'm such a sucker for Indian Paintbrush. Maybe it's the bold color. Or it could be a flower that I remember from our family camping trips to the Tetons when I was young. When we all loaded into a Coleman tent and tried not to kill each other. 
An intrepid hike to the river is good for the soul.

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  1. Next time we won't have to bushwhack it quite so much...