Monday, July 25, 2011

The "Cabin"

 Last week my mom and sisters and I spent a few days at my sister's "cabin" in Idaho. The cabin looks like this:
Basically, it's too big to fit in my camera frame.
It has all the required comforts of home- hot water, gourmet kitchen, cozy beds...but no outside communication such as phone service. In a word, it's perfect.

This is what greets you when you go upstairs:
Did I mention my BIL is big into hunting?

Oh, and fishing too.
What do you think happened to the back half of this poor guy?
The view is pretty much amazing.
My BIL is on a crusade to eradicate the wolf. This is a sign that hangs on the fridge. See the note that's been added?
 In the next few days I'll fill you in on all the fun things we did at the cabin!


  1. Oh look, the kitty is here too!

  2. Wolves are saving Yellowstones habitat. They may be dirty, but they are a crucial part of biodiversity, and a much needed predator for the elk. Rant.
    One day I hope to have a home like this one.

  3. Amanda, we're going to have to politely agree to disagree on the impact of the wolves. In my ecosystem, we've seen a horrendous slaughter of ungulates and wolf numbers have grown exponentially past biologist's predictions. They need to be managed just like every other predator to keep things in balance. No rant here, just a bit of a different viewpoint. :)