Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cul de Sac of Fire!

The winds came up as it was getting dark at our 4th of July party the other night. There was much discussion about whether it would be safe to light fireworks. After a conference with the neighbors (in whose direction the wind was blowing!), fireworks were a go! There are new fireworks laws in Utah, sponsored by all home builders, meant to burn our houses down. And while the neighborhood was full of very impressive explosions of light and color, our display was tame- and safe.

I got out the tripod to see what, if anything I could capture.
 As you can see, everything is blowing at a pretty brisk pace to the west.
 Then I figured out I could capture people in the reflected light of the fireworks. Cool!
 Your body can make a good tripod when you lie on your back:
Fun fireworks and no brush fires. I call that good.