Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Mighty Pump 'N Seal

Our stake had a preparedness night last month, which always sends me into a frenzy of tuna and canned soup buying and water storing. Thanks to my Mom, who has totally caught to vision of food storage, I have a nice variety of tasty things to eat, in case of an emergency.

My perfect "use of food storage scenario" goes like this: Something terrible happens somewhere far away, and we are off the grid and on our own for a few days. My perfectly safe and happy family uses our trailer kitchen to cook delicious food and stay warm. Kind of like a camping trip in the backyard. I hope it turns out that way!

Note to self: Buy a can opener to put by the food storage.

Back to the preparedness night. A sweet little lady, who must have been over 80, gave a presentation about what she had in her food storage. Enter the Pump "N Seal. She bought hers 25 years ago. I bought mine last week. Here's what came in the box:
It's basically dry pack canning in your own home using your own glass jars. Here's how it works:
Fill your jar with stuff. Walmart is selling seeds for 20 cents a packet right now. Put a new canning lid on top and screw on a ring.
Punch a hole in the canning lid with the cool thumbtack provided in the kit:
It's easier than you might think.
Place a patented "Tab-Chek" (aka. tiny band-aid), over the hole in the lid.
 Put the pump over the hole and pump away! (Man, my nails look terrible.) This will suck all of the air out of the jar and leave it vacuumed-sealed.
Pry off the pump, rub the little band-aid, and you will see that your lid is sealed to the jar and the suction has left a little dimple under the Tab-Chek. Done!
I took advantage of the after-Easter clearance candy sales and canned some sweets. Because, under stress, we all need a little sugar. And this was cheap sugar.
 Just so you know I canned more than just bunny shaped gummies, I also canned a future garden, mixed nuts and my favorite dried apples (Harmon's dried apples are the BEST!)
And to make sure I make it through any emergency situation that comes along with my sanity intact, I also canned these:
 The possibilities for this handy little gadget are endless!! It also comes with a tube-thingy to suck the air out of plastic bags for marinating or freezing food. You can check out their website at:


  1. ROFL at the does look like a really interesting process!

  2. Oh B, so glad you'll have cheetos on hand in a crisis. I might have to check this tool out!