Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Grad-"U"-ation!

 After 4 long years of hard work and countless hours on public transportation, Ben graduated from the University of Utah last Thursday! He earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Parks, Recreation and Tourism, which is in the College of Health. The ceremony was held in the Huntsman Center and thanks to my big 'ol lens, here's what it looked like:
 This is when they read his name and we all cheered. Dad also rang a cowbell. (Family Tradition.)
 Look at this picture. Ben loves the faculty and the faculty loves Ben. That's just how it is.
 Ben and his proud parents and brother. Oh, and Shannon.
We are very proud of Ben, and although his tassel is an unfortunate puce color, it was well earned!


  1. That picture with all the faculty clapping? My dad is in the back left corner! He sure enjoyed having Ben around! congratulations to Ben!