Thursday, May 19, 2011

And They Call The Thing Rodeo

 Our Lindsey comes from a cowboy family which means Saturday night rodeos! Last Saturday, her nephew was competing just up the road in Morgan, so we went to watch. He's already qualified for the high school state finals in bull riding which puts him in my Pretty Darn Gutsy category. This particular Saturday night he was also giving Saddle Bronc Riding a shot, since that's what his dad did in high school.

Here's dad and son, getting the ornery ol' bronc ready to ride:
Then before we knew it, he was out of the chute!
He didn't make 8 seconds, but I was amazed that he stayed on as long as he did! I would have been lying on the ground with at least 5 broken ribs and a collapsed lung if I'd been on that horse.

Then it was Bull Riding time! Watching bull riding gives me stress. I'll show you why.

Here it looks like he's contemplating his bull. Or praying.
Then all heck broke loose:
The rodeo clowns can tell what's going to happen next, so they rush in to help. Look at the faces of the boys who are watching in the background. I would judge my true friends by those looks of concern.
Um, I think his hand is stuck.
Time to run for your life! That one clown looks like he's about to be kicked in the face, but his reflexes are helping him dodge out of the way and he's going to be ok.
Once again, he didn't make the 8 second ride, but he's still qualified for state, so it's ok. Time to retrieve the hat.
It was lots of fun to watch these high school athletes go at it at the rodeo!


  1. I'm thinking Garth was wrong....they need to call the thing crazy.

  2. Super great pictures Barbara!

  3. These pictures are amazing! I showed them to my mom, who showed them to my dad, who showed them to Todd who showed them to Coty who just grinned the whole time!