Friday, May 13, 2011

Draper Temple

 Reasons why I love the Draper Temple:
1.) It's in Draper. I went to high school close to Draper and it was a place we used to roam around, back when it was farmland and dirt roads. It's good to know that there is a temple there now.
2.) Several close family members have been sealed in the Draper Temple. I'm glad they have created their Forever Families in such a beautiful place.
3.) You can see 2 other temples from this spot- the Oquirrh Hills and the Jordan River temples. That's cool.
4.) It looks different that any other temple. Kind of industrial and fortress-like. Strong.
Taking pictures here can be tough because people can practically drive to the front door of the temple to be dropped off. Convenient, but it makes getting a picture with no people interesting.


  1. Love the photos...I haven't been there yet.

  2. I absolutely LOVE your angel Moroni photo! My favorite temple!