Tuesday, May 17, 2011

As The Horse Show Turns...

 Oh, the Davis County horse show. It seems like we always have the most drama here. Rocko did tell the horse psychic that he didn't like it there, but what can you do? Shannon and Rocko had 2 days of riding. The first day was great and they won a class! The 2nd day was not so great, but Shannon was a tough cookie and they made it through. I got some pretty cute pictures:
Here's she's actually shoving foam ear plugs into his ears. They keep him from over-reacting to noises. But kisses help to get them in. :)
Thank goodness we move to some outside venues for the next few horse shows and my pictures can actually have decent backgrounds and lighting. I need a break from all of these terrible indoor conditions. Whining is now over.


  1. I think the photos look great! How is the business going?

  2. It's going pretty well, I've made several hundred dollars from orders and I think it will pick up once we get outside.