Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Sense A Scentsy...

So I have this little Scentsy wall unit that lives in my kitchen. Just one warmer. That's all I have. Every Monday morning I change the scent.
I also have 27 different scents to melt in it. Do you think I might have an addiction to wax? They aren't all official Scentsy brand bricks. The Quilted Bear and WalMart sell them too. The WalMart brand is pretty nice, actually, and at $2.00 a pop, how do they expect me to resist?
All of these bricks of wax were starting to take up way too much space in my cupboard, so I've decided to divide them up and put the more seasonal scents with their holiday decorations in the basement. I came up with 4 categories:

Spring- such as Berry Blush and French Lilac
Summer- Sugared Watermelon Kiwi and anything Coconut. I love coco-nutty smells.
Holidays- Hot Wassail and Holiday Kiss
Everything Else- Lemongrass Verbena, Mountain Stream and a little gem called Hemingway.

The obsessive-compulsive side of my personality just loves stuff like this.

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  1. I've heard of the Scentsy brand, but I've never seen these have quite a collection! :)