Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time To Put This Thing To Rest.

Ok, today is the day. All of the snickers that turn into belly laughs until tears leak from my family's eyes, today they end. I freely bare my soul before you and show you the worst that there is. School pictures from my junior high years. Here, for your viewing horror:

6th Grade: I obviously went through a long stage when I had no idea what to do with my hair, and believe me, my hair has a mind of it's own. To this day I don't call it hair styling, I call it hair taming. I rock the huge collar look.
7th Grade. Glasses + Braces + my attempts at "flipping" my hair. My tongue is sticking out. Hey kid, that ice cream cone on your shirt is dripping. Hideous.
8th Grade. This one is the worst, so look your fill, if you dare. I've ditched the glasses for picture day, but teenage hormones have kicked in and the skin has gone bad. Cowl neck under sweater- I'm probably burning up, but I remember that necklace. The flipped hair is now officially out of control. Someone, please pass the nearest pillowcase, so that I can put it over my head! Believe it or not, there were still boys that liked me at this stage and wouldn't leave me alone. Unbelievable. 
So there's the worst of it. Nothing left to hide. You've been through the Valley of Death and come out the other side. Probably not unscathed, but you made it. Next week, just to prove to you all that I did actually figure it all out in the end, we'll visit 9-12 grades. So, on the 29th, feel free to post high school pictures of yourselves. C'mon, it'll be fun!


  1. We ALL went through this stage. I have some equally bad. I notice that M is behind in her picture posting.....chicken.

  2. LOL! I resemble that remark! B, that wasn't so bad after all! I'm proud of you for posting these. It's a cheap form of therapy.