Monday, May 2, 2011

Missionary Pictures!

 It's been a while since we've gotten pictures from Peter, so imagine our excitement when he sent some with his letter yesterday! Here they are:

Elder Stratford "eeling" as in, catching eels in the river and then cooking them for dinner. They did this as an activity with the branch youth group. He looks ready to take on Moby Dick!
This is a hedgehog that decided to take a nap in their "letterbox". I love hedgehogs!
The world's longest place name. Are you kidding me? Lots of vowels there.
 The rolling countryside of upper New Zealand.
 It's so great to get missionary pictures!!


  1. How awesome to get missionary pictures!!!

  2. Those are great picture! So much fun :)

  3. Yup, Peter definitely needs to send me the hedgehog so I can have a pet. They said no cats and dogs, but they never said anything about a hedgehog!

  4. buisiness on the top, party on the bottom.