Wednesday, May 11, 2011

An Entertaining Mother's Day

My family gives me the most creative gifts! I got quite a selection for Mother's Day this year. I got a card that listed the 5 reasons I was the

#1) I love Disneyland.
#2) I let "Be Cool, Don't Stool" be one of our family rules. (It's a long story. One of these days I'll have to blog about our family rules. We have 5. So far.)
#3) I make "Lindsey Food" which is a lot like Barbara food.
#4) Goats love me. True dat.
#5) I am a great mom!

As a side note, my MIL tried looking up on the internet because one of my nieces told her that was what she was. She was confused with what she found.

I also got a little rifle that shoots little pellets. We use it to shoot at each other and at Lil Missionary.
I got this awesome knight on a horse. It matches Shannon foot soldier with a battle axe.
 Bruce gave me a cheesemaking kit.

Yep, my house is wonderfully crazy and we all think we're entertaining. Maybe that's why we get along so well!


  1. A cheese making kit? Really? And be sure everyone wears their eye protection when you use the pellet gun....seriously. And yeah, I can understand why your MIL would have been confused...definitely...interesting.

  2. Happy Mothers Day you are the best