Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Bridal Shower!

 When a lot of cousins are about the same age, they tend to get married at about the same time. Seems like there have been lots of showers in the Stratford family lately. My nephew is marrying an adorable girl from California in June, and we had a family bridal shower for her on Saturday. We always tie a picnic quilt for the new couple, eat good food and the bride-to-be gets to open presents.

This time, the quilt was about the same size as the room it was being quilted in so rolling it was a bit awkward, but the goal is to finish it, and that we did!
Camille has learned how to make salad look beautiful while working for USU catering. This should come in handy at Zone Conferences- she leaves in about 2 weeks on her mission!
Opening presents is always fun- we should all open more presents. This cute young thing is marrying Andrew- one of Nancy's twins. He's the one who buys most of his wardrobe at Savers or the Di, as far as I can tell, and came dressed as an Indian, as in India, to Thanksgiving. He keeps us laughing all the time and will be wearing a kilt at his wedding. She's in for lots of adventures.
I have a nice family.
I was obviously in a "vertical shooting mode" at this party. 
I love you Lisa, but it's really hard to get a picture of you when you're not talking. :)
Here, Nancy is describing how she was strip searched for weapons at an airport once.
Youngest cousin = cutest cousin.


  1. In a few years (or sooner) we'll be seeing these girls again in Baby Shower blogs. Hehe.
    Oh, and your junior high pictures don't stand a chance against mine, you were not that awkward looking, I promise!
    And I'm sorry about the grape vines. :(

  2. Does the youngest cousin really have to be the cutest cousin?