Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're A Menace To The Neighborhood

Temporarily. It's that time of year- time to get the pool in shape for summer fun. A few things needed serious fixing this year, the pool cover being one. Some of the stitching on one side had come apart, so the pool cover guys took it away for re-sewing. Now the pool is an open death pit for the neighborhood kidlets. We've wired all the gates closed, and haven't told a soul that the pool is open, so we're hoping that no one notices. The cover should be back in the next few days. That will be good, because the pool is slowly filling up with dirt, leaves and that "cotton" the Cottonwood trees spew forth at this time of year. We also needed to replace the pool filter this year, so the menfolk at my house have been working away with plastic pipes and blue glue. I think Ben is in charge of rebuilding the benches when the fixings done.


  1. Summer is definitely on the way!

  2. Lol Brian's face just says "I'm having the time of my life"