Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Stratford Bridal Shower

Last week we held a bridal shower at Edna's house for Leah, Daniel's fiance. We were greeted by the Stratford bear, all decked out for the occasion.We all helped tie a picnic quilt, then ate a delicious dinner of chicken salad croissants, chips, and fruit, with fruit mango ice cream for dessert. Leah opened her presents while we watched. From l to r- Edna's sister, Ila, Sharon, Leah's mother, Edna, Elizabeth, who had Lasic (sp?) earlier in the day, and my niece-in-law, Hannah:
Shannon and Bruce's cousin Debbie. Debbie has always been a happy person:
Here Leah is reading a tiny whisk book:
We are happy for Daniel and Leah and are excited for her to join out family!


  1. Looks like a really fun time!

  2. My friend saw the picture with Shannon and said that she and I look alike. I take that as a compliment, seeing as how Shannon is very pretty.