Thursday, May 6, 2010

Close To Home, But So Cold!

It was so cold at last week's horse show! It rained, slushed, hailed, snowed and then the sun would come out, but it never got above 50 degrees. It was held at the Davis Legacy Center, which is only 15 minutes from my front door- so nice for a change! Our other shows are in Salt Lake, which means a 45 minute drive. Rocko is never really content when we show here, mostly because it's cold, and cold weather makes him spunky. When it's cold I'm much less motivated to take pictures, but here are a few of my little barn friends:
Hope climbed into her box, trying to get warm:This is Ivy- love those bows!Andrea and Nakyia with Rickie. At least Nakyia is making eye contact this year. In the past she would run when she saw my camera coming.Nikki and Lexi, with Sysko:Little Tiana:Kaitlyn, the responsible college student, who just cleaned her horse's stall.I do love my barn girls!


  1. Hope in her box is absolutely terrific! And the riding you guys do is so fashionable I got looking on the Ariat website (where I buy my western style boots) and there's a whole bunch of stuff on there for Equestrian (is that spelled right?) I would love to have a reason to wear the tall black shiny boots, but horses and I don't mix well. Looks fun, I hope to come to a comp or two this summer!