Wednesday, May 5, 2010

There's Aliens and Then There's Aliens

On our trip to San Diego last month, Bruce decided to do some creative driving that took us down to the Mexico/US border, east of San Diego. Sure enough, there was "The Fence", with many border patrol vehicles and men with binoculars. If you notice, The Fence stops partway up this hill, then starts again at the top, which didn't make much sense to us.
There are some interesting folks who live by the border. We past this alien display on one of the back roads. Notice the creature looking out of the RV's back window. There were other aliens in the front seat- and a penguin. I didn't get the alien/alien reference until I got home.
They waved us through the border control checkpoint- we must not have looked too suspicious.
Near the alien display someone had built this lookout tower:
And had found a dinosaur in the rocks:I'll admit, the landscape looked suitable for any kind of alien:


  1. Desert people are crazy! Did you pick up any Vanilla at the border? the best stuff comes from Mexico.

  2. How bizarre, how bizarre . . . like the song.