Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lynnleigh Farm

Last weekend our horse show was held at Lynnleigh Farm. That's where Shannon had her bridals taken with Sophie.
It's a beautiful place with lots of grass and trees, tucked down a little lane off of State Street. I'm sure the property is worth a pretty penny!

Shows at Lynnleigh are complicated, because there are no stalls for the horses there, so you have to hold your horse all day while he eats all that green, green grass. People tend to get dragged from place to place:
Ben even brought us lunch and took his turn holding Rocko:As you can imagine, Rocko loves it there. He and Shannon were fantastic, tie-ing for Champions of the Adult Division. Even the weather cooperated and felt like Spring!


  1. Champion! Thats awesome! And Shannons bridals were beautiful.

  2. I looks like such a pretty place!