Friday, May 14, 2010

Rocko's Little Friend

In our horse world, we don't see much variety. Most of the horses we deal with are either Warmbloods- a hybrid European mix that's a bit on the slow-thinking side. They have thick bones, but move as beautifully as you'll ever see. Warmbloods are the trendy thing to have right now and some of them are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Sophie was a Swedish Warmblood. Then there are the Thoroughbreds- bred in America, slim, elegant, more old-school traditional, with impressive pedigrees. Rocko is a Thoroughbred. Oh, there are some quarter horses and paints thrown in for fun, but your horse has to be pretty different to really stand out.

Meet Henry.
Ya, we don't many of these at our horse shows. Henry showed up at Lynnleigh Farm with 3 adoring ladies from Tooele. His mane and tail were braided- this wasn't his first horse show. I had to talk to his ladies about him. He is a pony/mule cross. And he did his job pretty well. He jumped all the jumps, and although he tried to run out the gate every time he passed it, we were all impressed. Occasionally Henry would let loose with a "Hee Haw" kind of call that had the other horses a little freaked out. Rocko even hung out for a while with the New Kid on the Block.

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