Sunday, August 16, 2009

Soggy Horse Show

We've been in Salt Lake at a horse show for the last few days. It was held at Rose Ranch, where the roses get choked by all the dust the horse stir up. There wasn't much dust yesterday, since it poured rain all morning! Shannon was supposed to ride at 9:00 in the morning, but didn't get on until 2:30, due to the ferocious downpours! They did their best to dry things out enough so that the horses wouldn't slip, even bringing in some kind of water absorbing sandy stuff. When they did that at the rainy June show, Rocko was freaked by the white piles everywhere, so I spent some quality time in the ring, mixing it into the dirt so that he wouldn't think the white mystery piles were going to kill him. When Shannon and Rocko finally did get to ride they were great, as you can see from their ribbons! Rocko was so relaxed that sometimes he was more interested in the horses who were living right outside the ring, than with what he was supposed to be doing in the ring. But, a relaxed Rocko is a good thing- much better than an excited, race horse Rocko!

I'm starting to collect Harley Davidson stickers during my travels to put on Rocko's show box. They reinforce his tough-guy image!

Still on my quest for the perfect Shannon/Rocko jumping picture- this one has potential, but I'm pretty picky:
My favorite picture of the show:

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  1. Congratulations to them both! We're glad Rocko was relaxed and didn't get freaked out by anything trying to kill him.