Friday, August 21, 2009

Ah, The Spa!

Yesterday, Shannon and I used some gift certificates we had received to a local spa. We both decided on the Chakra Balancing Thalasso Bath. For those of you that don't know, your Chakra is a wheel-like vortex, believed to exist in the etheric double of our bodies. (Ya, how I didn't know all this before is beyond me.) 7 force centers, or wheels of energy whirl out from this center of our being. It's an Indian thing, as in India. Anyway, when we got to the spa, a girl took us back to a little room for our "Chakra Evaluation". One at a time, we held a 7 little vials in our right hand over our heart, and held our left hand out straight from our bodies. (See etheric double.) The girl would ask our etheric double, "Does your body need this more?", then push down on our left hand. Apparently this told her what kind of bath we needed. I needed the Crown Stress Reduction. Imagine that! My bath had a combination of lavender, tea rose, rosewood, orange blossom and clary sage. There were lavender lights in my bath too. So, after a lovely half hour hot, hot soak, I felt in balance with my force centers. Whatever they are.

It's fun to change into spa robes and use all of the spa goodies in the dressing room:

Shannon relaxing in the Relaxation Room:

My Stress-Relieving bath:


  1. Sounds wonderfully relaxing!

  2. How much fun! I hope that your body centers are still all aligned, or happy, or whatever :)