Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That Really Chaps My Hide!

After our gold mine adventure and manly breakfast, we piled into the trucks again and went target shooting. Lots of clay pigeons died that morning, and Grandma even took a turn. Mark's boys couldn't wait to blast away but David had enough when his shoulder took a beating from the shotgun. When we'd had our fill of blasting cardboard boxes, Ken's cousin met us back at the ranch with a sweet little horse that patiently took us all in circles around the corral. The kids were in heaven! Maybe it was just me, but that horse seemed to know that I sympathized with his "circus pony" plight, since he wanted to stop by me just about every time he made the circuit.

Nancy found these chaps for Amber to wear with her swimsuit- I think this is just too funny!David is listening to every word of Uncle Ken's safety lecture:Thomas had a hard time mastering the scope, but loved the empty cartridges:
Edna took a turn at shooting and at riding:Bruce looks like he's ready to take on Rocko next:Another good photo photo op:
Tomorrow's adventure- The Wild Rubber Duckie Race!