Monday, August 24, 2009

And Then We Hiked to the Gold Mine!

Day 2 of the Stratford Campout started with a pre-breakfast hike to the local "gold mine." Sorry kids, no real gold there, just gold-colored rocks! There were lots of seashore-type fossils in the rocks there and the kids, including Bruce, had fun scrambling over the steep and rocky hillside looking for the best ones.

Little Carly got to ride with the big kids in the back of the truck:
Edna points the way:This poor deer won't be looking for fossils anytime soon:
The view of the valley from the gold mine with the twisting, turning Bear River:Thomas and his treasure:Some of the fossils were pretty neat:
Bruce, Amber and Sara searching for the perfect fossil:After the hike, the men made breakfast! Men should always make breakfast. They do it so well!Tomorrow- Shootin' Guns and Ridin' them Doggies!


  1. I agree with the whole "men cooking" theme. And I can hardly wait for tomorrow's entry!

  2. Love, Love, Love the pic at the top of the page with the fence!