Friday, August 28, 2009

The Playground Noise Is Back!

I love playground noise! With school starting up again this past week, the playground noise has returned. When my kids were little and went to the elementary school on the other side of the grape field, I could go up to the back bedroom window and watch them play with their friends. Brian and Peter were harder to watch, since they played those boy games that involved lots of running back and forth, like Capture the Flag and soccer. Shannon and her friends were a lot more fun to watch. They played make-believe games- filled with drama and intrigue. Someone would be tied up with invisible rope or about to fall into a pit of lava, and needed to be saved. My backyard trees have grown together so it's harder to pick out kids I know over there, but I can still hear their screams and shrieks and yells. They are having so much fun! Sometimes I can hear my friend, Kathy the playground monitor, who blows her whistle and says through the megaphone, "Fourth grade, line up!"


  1. I love playground noise too! How fun to be spy like that :)

  2. That's really fun to be able to see right over there!