Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pool Party

Peter, my college newbie, came home last night just in time for our little pool party! It was really good to see him, even if my nice clean house suddenly got louder and much more cluttered. He was very proud of the shorts he was wearing- there had been an 80's themed dance in Logan the night before, and he and his friends went to Savers for their clothes. His shorts had started out as long jeans but "some girl" had cut them off to knee-length. He was sure they made his shoulders look broader. Whatever. He came home mostly to get his bike and some "real food". Oh- and do his laundry. His forks have somehow disappeared, and he wants recipes. The 2 most requested recipes? Aunt C's Ultimate Grilled Cheese and her Fried Rice. He is staying for church today, (and dinner), then I'll start missing him all over again...

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  1. Give the boys the recipes...he needs a little meat on his bones!

  2. cute pictures! Why do boys always need meat on their bones?