Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flyin' Solo at the Campout

So when your kids grow up and become contributing members of society, old traditions have a way of continuing anyway. Bruce and I flew solo at the Stratford Campout this year. Bruce's sister, Nancy, organized the campout at Ken's family ranch in Randolf. We took the trailer and parked it in the grassy field behind the house. No-dirt camping is the best! Marc's family was there along with Edna, Sharon, Kelly, Alan and Ryan. Nancy and Ken brought Daniel, Rachel and Rachel's two friends. For dinner we roasted hot dogs over the fire, then burned marshmallows and Starbursts on sticks! When it got dark, Bruce brought out his dad's telescope, (we call it the Cherry Bomb!) and we were amazed at what the night sky looks like when you get away from bright city lights. It was a little wierd not to have any of our kids along, but a bit liberating at the same time!

Bruce sets up our little campsite- as far away as we could get and still be plugged in!
Our nephew, David roasting the perfect hot dog:
My typical fire-roasted dog- burned on one side, raw on the other!
Our nighttime fire:
Bruce and the Cherry Bomb:
There are lots of good photo ops on a ranch:More of our adventures tomorrow!


  1. Man, I missed a family campout? Lame Sauce. It sounds so different than usual... growing up is weird. I'm glad you all had fun though :)