Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ready and Waiting

I've decided that the upstairs bedroom would be a good place to store all things scrapbook, so I've been doing a bit of clearing out. I boxed up all of Brian's mission memorabilia, took 5 garbage bags of old clothes to the DI, and scrubbed the whole room down. Now it's time to move the paper in! But I sure like this clean Spartan look...Peter Update: I've been trying to give Peter a bit more space, since apparently I called him too much on Tuesday, the day he moved up to Utah State. So yesterday I wasn't going to call or text him at all. At about 4:00 my phone rang. It was a girl who thought she was calling Peter's phone because she had just seen him out her window. I laughed, said I was Peter's mom and asked if she had HIS cell number. She did and off she went. Now, how she got MY cell number is a mystery. I'm choosing to believe it was a "Tender Mercy" for a mom to know that her youngest son was ok and had friends in his new surroundings. Wait a minute...I hope she doesn't want to be TOO close a friend. Does the worrying ever stop??


  1. No, it never does.
    The room sure looks good in its minimalist form!

  2. I've been called a "smother mother" before. Better that than the other way I say.