Saturday, August 8, 2009

San Diego #2

On to day #2 in San Diego! Getaway's contact at the Hyatt gave us tickets to the Body World exhibit showing at Balboa Park. Maybe you saw it when it was here in Salt lake. This man from Europe turns human bodies to plastic in a preservation process, then puts them on display. I hated it. There were cases with internal organs and such, and those were ok, but I did not like the bodies. I couldn't get past the fact that they were people, and I don't think Heavenly Father ever intended our bodies to be cross-sectioned, segmented and picked apart for profit and public display. "Nuff said!
On the up side, I love the architecture at Balboa Park! Such interesting pictures!!
We met San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park people in Old Town for lunch at the Old Town Mexican Cafe- the best Mexican food anywhere! I had a guacamole taco- heaven!!A few hours of down time by the pool at the hotel, and it was time for a Padre's baseball game. We met in the hotel bar for a reception, ("I'll have a Diet Coke, please!), then we walked to Petco Park to watch the game from a private box. Lots of hotel and attractions reps were there. It was fun- too bad the Padres lost! Then we wandered back to the hotel to finish the day.
Tomorrow: We finally get to the zoo!


  1. I fetl claustrophobic at the body world exhibit in SLC. Too many people and not enough fresh air! We are planning a meal at the mexican cafe - and maybe donovans while we're there in a couple of weeks!

  2. The body works thing is creepy....really creepy. Fun photos of the other stuff, though.