Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And Off They Go!

I've officially joined the club. The Moms With Kids Going To School Out Of State Club. Can't say it's the most fun club to be a part of, but at least it gives me a great excuse to travel! Yesterday the U-Haul came and was loaded with most if not all of Brian and Lindsey's worldly possessions. The 3 drivers, Brian, Lindsey and sidekick Peter, got an early start and made it to St. George last night, then drove the rest of the way to San Diego today. As of the latest update, the U-Haul has been emptied and returned to the nearest U-Haul lot. Now the household organization will get to happen. Peter and Lindsey will drive home on Friday, so that Lindsey can finish up her last few weeks of work at Cisco's. It's good they are young and have lots of energy- I would be a exhausted puddle by now!
An added bonus- the boys cleaned their bathroom! I'm assuming this was done for my well-being, since it was the scariest bathroom I've ever seen! So, thank you, boys!!


  1. So was it REALLY clean when they got done??

  2. Really, it doesn't get better as they get older? Please tell me it isn't so...