Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Narrows

Our family took a little holiday trip before Christmas this year. We went to St. George and had fun hiking, eating and sitting in the hot tub. We went over to Zion one day, and hiked up The Narrows. The last time I was at the Narrows, Bruce and his shattered ankle were being rescued by the rangers. He was being loaded into an ambulance while Japanese tourists snapped pictures of him with their Nikons. This trip was not as exciting, thank goodness. There were still leaves on the trees and a recent snow storm had coated the red rock with white. A herd of deer were grazing in the wind-protected canyon.
 My family, being who they are, ignores warning signs.
 The melting snow had made icicles on the canyon walls and frozen sheets of ice next to the river.
 We were cold too, until we turned the corner of canyon where the wind couldn't reach us.
 Bruce couldn't resist a walk in the water. I'll be that water was maybe 40 degrees.
 There was a re-enactment of Bruce's rescue.
 It was a beautiful day!

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