Monday, January 28, 2013

See, I Really Was There!

One last post about our trip to San Diego- mostly to prove that I was actually there, since I'm usually the picture taker. We went took a tour around the bay in mini speedboats and I didn't dare take my camera but Bruce took pictures with his iPhone.

See, this proves that I was really there!
Mini speedboats are a blast, and they let you go right up to the old sailing ships, the Midway, the pillions of the bridge over to Coronado Island and the stinky sea lions that live over on the chum barges.
Bruce made me drive since he'd done this tour before and I like to think that I was pretty brave- doing S-curves over the wake of our fearless tour guide's boat and making a tight 360. We were lucky that it was a a calm day, so it was more like boating on a lake than the ocean. There were military helicopters flying low and I had to wave at all of them!
Fun, fun, fun! I want to do this again! But only on a sunny day. When it's warm. And there are no waves.

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