Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Horses and Chocolate!

Like I said, I was in charge of keeping myself busy while Bruce was training, so one morning I went to Balboa Park- that mecca of museums and gardens. Not much was happening in the gardens at this time of year, but the exhibits were right down my alley- Horses and Chocolate. Not together, but two exhibits in the same building.
The only combination that could be better would be Horses and Cheetos, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Both were really interesting. In the horse exhibit I learned that Rocko's nonexistent coat of hair comes from his Arabian ancestors. It makes him super shiny in the summertime, but kind of cold in the winter. Someone evil piped the smell of chocolate into that sweet exhibit.
There were also dinosaurs to see, with and without their skin.
Some of Bruce's buddies were there too!
This one's for you, C!
I will never get tired if the architecture in Balboa Park.

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  1. It's a really beautiful place...but you are a sadistic woman....:)