Friday, April 1, 2011

Retro Couch Fabric Ties- Stat!

Happy 1st of April! If Peter were home, he'd wrap a rubber band around the spray nozzle on my sink. I'd be soaked as soon as I turned the water on. It's happened on many an April Fool's Day. In his last letter he requested more ties. His "seemed to have disappeared somehow or caught on fire magically". Hmm.

My son's are picky about their ties. No fancy-shmancy silky expensive ties for them. They want retro ties. Ties that are made from woven couch fabric. The wider, the better. Ties that make huge knots.
These are easy to find if you have a DI or a Savers close by. I went to Savers today and found these treasures:
 Dig this one with the jousting knights. Peter will love it. I feel good just thinking about his face when he pulls it from the package.Looks like I'll need to give that one a good cleaning before I send it. I wonder what that stuff is...


  1. LOL...yeah the knight one is great!

  2. I worked at Savers, you DON'T want to know what that stuff is. Promise.
    And I really dig the white and blue one. Fancy pantsy!

  3. Hey!!! Have you entered the Pioneer Womans "horse" photo contest??? You Should!!

  4. Brian is totally jelaous as of the jousting knights tie!