Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Brand New Temple

My "cute as" niece is leaving for her mission in June. She's going to be assigned to the Mormon Battalion Visitors Center in San Diego, and she's also learning Spanish. What a great mission she will have, panning for gold and taking pictures of wacky tourists:
Today all of her Stratford aunts and her Stratford grandmother, and her own mother went to the Ogden temple with her. She wanted to go before this temple closes on Thursday for remodeling. It will be closed for more than 2 years and won't look anything like this anymore:

It will look more like this:
Much more bride-friendly. It was bittersweet to walk through what has been my temple for the last 23 years. I've seen several remodels over the years- no more escalators that made black stains on my dress, the new marble floors in the lobby, and I hope they use the beautiful furniture, pictures and chandeliers in my improved temple. We'll be Temple Wanderers until it's done. So glad we went together today.


  1. Hard to believe that the "wedding cake layer" exterior will be gone, but you're will be much more bride-friendly.

  2. It's unfriendliness helped make it the sanctuary that it is for the old ladies who got lots and lots of temple work done. I know that my grandmother is mourning the loss and has wondered out loud if she'll have to waste two years of work just for vanity. She can't really drive very far so this is a big hit for her. I think the new building will be nicer to look at though and theres nothing wrong with that.

    Hope your Niece has a wonderfully spiritual time on her mission!