Sunday, March 6, 2011

Learning is Hard

So I took all of my new camera equipment to the barn yesterday because all of the riders were there for a clinic. Easiest new camera lesson of the day: I learned that my new camera eats up memory card space and battery power. I'm going to need more memory cards and another battery. Hardest lesson of the day: Barbara, even though you are snapping away at 8 pictures a second, you really should increase your shutter speed so the focus can keep up. Too bad I didn't learn that important lesson until the last half hour of shooting. Lots of my early pictures were blurry. The ones that weren't- well, that was just dumb luck. But at least I know what to do next time!

Here's some pictures of Shannon and Rocko from yesterday.If you click on them individually you will see what I mean. So, so sad. The last one is not too bad, though. I'm learning, but it's hard.
 Early in the day, Rocko was outside getting some fresh air. By the look on his face he just can't figure out why I'm so far away and why am I not over with him, feeding him an endless supply of treats?

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  1. You and I need to talk shutter speed. You are outside most of the time for these so you can mess with that quite a bit, but what to you do about crappy inside lighting pictures. There's no ISO high enough or aperture big enough to make them NOT I found out last night when I was assigned to take sportsman banquet pictures. Ugh.