Thursday, March 10, 2011

We May Not Have Fountains, But We Do Have Pansies

So, I've been working on our big barn display for this year. If you remember, last year I decided we needed a bit more class, so I brought an awning, made a nice barn logo sign, provided a card table and chairs and generally made a little living space for the barn riders. It was much nicer than the broken 3-legged white plastic table, cooler full of beer and dirty dog beds that we had before. In Arizona, big, nice, rich barns do that like this, sometimes with the addition of fountains or refrigerators or poster-sized pictures of themselves. Notice the sod.
We're not quite at that level yet. But I'm working on it. Our last years display was nice, but this year's is better. I'm donating my old wicker back porch furniture (with new cushions that I found on clearance last year), We have horse head posts  in front of our awning and we have palm trees and pots of pansies. I found the pansies a few weeks ago out at the best nursery in my area. They weren't really for sale yet, but after I explained that I wanted to force them, he sold me a flat. The first flat sale of the year, he said. I felt special. They've been happily growing in my living room with the palm trees ever since. I hope the heat doesn't fry them too much down there!
We'll see if my barn people appreciate what I've done enough to keep it all tidy. (In my dreams!) I'll be sure to take lots of photos!

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  1. I think fountains and sod is overkill, but pansies are just right!