Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Vintage Easter

Happy Easter! I'm a big fan of old vintage postcards. They are charming and old-fashioned and funny. Here are a few Easter-themed cards that I especially like.

See-Saw baby chicks. What's cuter than that?
The Easter Bunny riding a Goat. I like goats. I didn't know I liked goats until I found out that goats like me. Goats think differently than other animals. Maybe that's why I like them- because I don't understand them.
An Easter Egg Carriage pulled by baby lambs! I want to be this little girl. My parents never once dressed me up and let me drive around in a egg carriage pulled by baby lambs. You bet I was deprived.
 Whoa! What's this one all about? Easter Greetings to you too!
Another lady emerging from an egg? At least this one is wearing clothes!
This one wins the Most Alarming Easter Card prize. You tell me what's happening here:
Have a wonderful Easter day!