Monday, April 11, 2011

My Real-Life Juiceman

You've probably heard of those Juiceman machines. Well, I have one of my own, and his name is Bruce!
 We bought a case of oranges from our nephew, who was selling them for a fundraiser. The best way we knew to preserve them was to juice them with the juice machine I got Bruce a few years back.
 Bruce loves to juice things. He loves it so much, that sometimes he will just throw a whole orange, peel and all, into the juicer, then man-fully drink down the nasty result.
With a bit of peeling help from the kids we took care of that case of oranges in no time. I strained what came out of the juicer 3 times, just so it wouldn't be chewy. What we couldn't drink, we froze. Can't say it tastes like what you get as "fresh squeezed" at a restaurant- it needed a bit of thinning and some sugar to reach that level, but Bruce was delighted with it!


  1. That is the perfect consistency to add protein mix too, or use in a shake! :)