Monday, April 11, 2011

What The Heck Is A Shadbelly?

We kicked off the first horse show of the Utah season last weekend at the indoor arena in South Jordan. Shannon and Rocko rode in 3' and 3' 3" classes, and unveiled her fabulous new shadbelly show coat. A shadbelly is a special coat that can only be worn in medal classes. It kind of looks like a butler's coat, complete with tails. Rocko wasn't too sure about those tails flapping behind him, but they looked fairly fabulous and got a score of 71 in their round, which gave them 3rd place. Shannon paid for that coat with her winnings from last year, so that makes it even cooler.
 I, on the other hand, made a quantum leap forward and shot the whole show IN MANUAL on my camera. I know, I know, so hard to believe, but these pictures were shot with no flash. And even though they are a bit grainy and a bit dark, they are still better than any pictures I've taken inside in the past. Maybe I can actually do this photography thing. Such a shame that the backgrounds here are so hideous- cement walls with a steer-butt high smear of manure. Ah well. Outdoor shows are coming soon. 

This show just about had it all- terrible weather with snow, nickle-size hail, rain, thunder, wind, and sleet. slippery mud up to our knees. People falling off right and left and being carted off in ambulances. But we had fun and S&R were great! 


  1. I never put it together that the stains on the walls at arenas are poop... but it does make sense. My Demolition Derby and Bull riding events will never quite be the same.
    And I love Shannons new coat. Lets get a picture of her standing up in it next time? :)

  2. Awesome photos...way to hit the Manual milestone!!