Monday, November 1, 2010

We've Definitely Gone To The Dogs!

Every year, on the Saturday before Halloween, our barn holds a big community charity fundraiser. We put on a horse show, have pony rides, a raffle, food and a silent auction of donated items and services. Usually we donate the money we collect to the Make a Wish Foundation. This year we added a dog costume class and a dog race to our show, and they were wildly popular!

Some of our dog costume entries:
The obligatory hot dog-A scuba diver dog-3 blind mice with some doggie cheese-A very reluctant reindeer-And a bumble bee-
The Disco Diva won by popular vote.Then we held a dog race across the riding ring. Handlers held the dogs on one end:While owners yelled to have their dogs come to them at the other end.Then they had to put a leash on their dogs and run to a circle in the center of the ring. I'm surprised no one died.Now I've taken thousands of pictures of horses jumping, but never one of a dog jumping! This is Moxie. She is the best dog. She would give Ollie a run for his money in the manners department. It costs $5000.00 to grant a child's wish. We earned almost $7000.00 last Saturday!


  1. That is amazing how much money you guys got. Looks like fun!

  2. Gee, someone to compete with Ollie??

  3. Yahoo! good fundraiser. I bet Shannon hated the dogs in costume, I hear she has a thing about that. :)