Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

We had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday at Grandma Stratford's. Ben helped make the traditional Stratford Fruit Cocktail:Shannon stuffed the celery:Andrew dressed up like and Indian. I think he might have his continents mixed up:
Ken carved the turkey:This is the "Big News" bunch. Camille, on the left, told us that she is getting her mission papers ready to send in. Awesome! Alan and Hannah, the couple in the middle, announced that they were expecting a baby, come July. Fantastic! Leah, on the right, is the Kennedy's exchange student. She will be moving on to another host family on Saturday. We will miss her!After dinner activities included napping, going through the Black Friday ads and general catching up.Then there was the Pile On game. Notice Ken on the right. He is actually asleep while all this is going on.The twin entertained us with some acrobatics, which made Grandma a little nervous, I think:And we finished the day with a rousing game of Angry Birds. It was a nice, quiet Thanksgiving Day! I hope you had a great day too!


  1. Angry Birds? Is this an ipad thing? Like a secret handshake exclusive club that only ipad owners belong to?

  2. I play angry birds on my phone, It would be more fun on a bigger screen. :)
    Your Thanksgiving looked like a blast!

  3. I like how Camille looks super nervous too! Ha. Good pictures.