Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lil' Missionary

A few weeks after Pete left on his mission I found a little red-haired missionary figure at Desert Book. Some might say it looks quite a bit like my now-chubbier youngest child. I bought it, brought it home and put it on the windowsill over my sink to remind me of my boy who is so far away. A few weeks later, Bruce asked if I noticed anything different about the little missionary. "Nope", I said. He told me that Shannon had re-painted it's hair in a more Peter-like hair color. Ok, I can live with that. Then the ninjas appeared. Peter used to play with these. Now my little missionary does battle with the ninjas, courtesy of my kids. Sometimes he stands on them. In this picture he is giving the blue one a nasty karate chop to the midsection. Who thought that my windowsill would be a stage for an epoc battle between Good and Evil?


  1. Cute - i think i have a couple of these put away with my singing time stuff.