Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is That You, Flipper?

If you want to try something fun, go out with Captain Dave and see the dolphins off of Dana Point in Orange County. It was basically amazing. There are pods of dolphins that live a mile off the shore, year-round. Last Wednesday, when we went out with the crew from GetAway, several pods joined up together to make a Megapod- we were in the middle of at least 1000 dolphins, all swimming together in a "herd". Unbelievable. There's a baby with it's mom in the front of this shot:They would ride the crest at the front of the boat:They squealed at each other and jumped out of the water:Everywhere we looked where hundreds of dolphins. It was a great experience, and Bruce didn't even get seasick!
On the way back in we saw lots of birds and sea lions.Put this on your Bucket List!