Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We or Me?

Take a good look at this picture. It was drawn by a friend of my sister-in-law, and it's been hanging in my house at Thanksgiving time for at least 20 years. I've had this picture longer than my youngest child. A few years ago, my kids brought to my attention that they've never understood why it says "Thanks Me Give." "What?", I said, "It says Thanks WE Give." Nope, they didn't see it that way, and they do have a point. That fancy writing does leave a question. So, what do you see?


  1. It says "we" for certain! It's in the thinner line at the bottom left and the fact that it connects with the 'e' at the top not the bottom.

    It's adorable. I bet I could transfer that to a cross stitch pattern... hm...